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Carpet Flooring

Carpet fitting & supply to update your home

Why choose Carpet flooring?

Whether you’re trying to make your room more contemporary, more cosy or just replace an old, worn out floor a new carpet is a great way of doing this.

So many people choose carpet for their living space these days, and for good reason. A carpet is a great way of keeping a room warm as it holds the air longer. It also feels warmer under foot, and a thicker pile feels more cushioned and luxurious too. Of course, helping to keep a room warmer can also help to save money by cutting down energy costs.

Carpets can help to reduce breakages as it can act as a cushion for anything dropped onto it. Slipping accidents are also less likely on a carpet as even the most clumsy person will find it hard to slip on a carpet!

Carpets are also often chosen for their ability to reduce noise. This is especially important in flats and apartments, where neighbours don’t like to hear each other walking around. In a home though carpets can still help to reduce noise especially on stairs which generally tend to get a lot of use. Noise pollution in houses can be a big problem, whether that’s for neighbours or current residents who don’t like to hear their housemates’ every move. Carpets are a great way to reduce this and to help ensure footsteps are cushioned.

A good quality carpet will be hard wearing and can last several years. These days they can also come pre-treated so as to repel stains so that they’re not susceptible to spillages. 

Carpet Ranges

At Holybourne Flooring we stock a wide range of carpets, from twist carpet and loop carpet to woven carpet, loop pile and cut pile and even velvet carpets. We also stock a wide range of different colours and patterns of carpet. Why not pop into our showroom in Alton to see for yourself. Chat to our flooring experts to get advice and guidance on which carpet could be best for you.

Carpet Fitting & Extras

Why not book a free home visit so that you can experiment with different colours and textures of carpet in your own home before you make a decision. This is a great way to see whether the colour you prefer fits with the colour scheme in your home, or whether the texture is right for you. Our flooring experts can also offer advice on caring for your new carpet.

Book a home visit

Our fully trained experts will talk through your requirements and budget, and we can also book in a home visit for you.

A home visit is great for ensuring your preferred choice of carpet will look right against the backdrop of your existing decor and furniture. At this point our fully trained expert will measure your space in order to provide a quote and advise on timescales. We will answer any questions you have and help you to ensure you’re making the right decision for your home.

Get In Touch

Get in touch with our Alton showroom to talk about how we could help you to choose the right carpet for your home.

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