Amtico Flooring

Have you heard of Amtico flooring? Read on to find out more about this versatile flooring…


We are a recommended and authorised retailer of Amtico flooring. We love this versatile and hardwearing flooring, so we thought we would share a little more detail about the brand with you.


What is Amtico flooring?

Amtico is a British manufacturer of luxury vinyl tile (LVT) flooring. It is known for high quality and original designs. Amtico has been going for around 50 years now so as a company they have a lot of experience in getting it right with vinyl flooring.

Amtico flooring is made from resins which are compounded with plasticisers and then compressed under high pressure and heated. This process produces a very thin material which is also extremely durable and robust. Patterned films can be placed between protective layers and glued to the core of the flooring, producing a wide range of designs and patterns.


Why choose Amtico flooring?

  • It’s versatile.

    Patterns are created on Amtico flooring on a printed film – and almost anything can be printed on that film. Amtico can replicate the look of natural stone flooring, hardwood flooring or even a funky pattern. Because all Amtico tiles are the same thickness, it’s easy to mix and match to create your very own look.

  • It’s durable.

    Because the pattern on Amtico flooring is beneath a protective layer, it won’t wear off. This makes it ideal for high traffic areas in the home such as the hallway or the kitchen. It is also highly scratch resistant so you don’t need to worry about children playing with toys on it or furniture being scraped across it. As well as this, it has a permanently polished appearance so that your floors will never look dull and old.

  • It’s British made.

    Amtico is known for precise craftsmanship and innovative design, and when you buy Amtico flooring you know exactly where it has come from; nothing is outsourced. All Amtico flooring is made at their specialist factory in Coventry, although they have earned global recognition as a leader in modern flooring design.

  • There’s a wide choice.

    From wood and stone to patterns, motifs and borders there are numerous design options to choose from so you’re bound to find something to suit your space. There are two Amtico collections: the adaptable Amtico Signature, and the accessible Amtico Spacia. Between these two collections there is an exceptionally wide range of options for flooring which can be laid in a multitude of different patterns.

  • It’s low maintenance.

    Unlike natural wood or stone flooring, Amtico requires no special cleaning materials or upkeep. Because it is engineered specifically to cope with busy environments it maintains a “just laid” appearance for many years without any special care or attention.

  • It looks great.

    Often functional and durable flooring can also look like… well, functional and durable flooring! With Amtico there are also beautiful designs which bring a lovely aesthetic appeal and perfect finish to any floor. As well as this, it feels light, soft and warm underfoot and can be used with underfloor heating where required.

For more information and to see for yourself the wide range of styles available, call into our showroom in Alton.