4 Tips for Choosing Flooring for your Home

4 Tips for Choosing Flooring for your Home

Choosing flooring for any room in your home can be difficult. Unlike wall decor or furniture, we don’t change our flooring very often so it’s important to get it right. Choosing good flooring is about so much more than looking good though; there are numerous other factors such as durability, moisture and cost which will influence your decision.



Here are four tips to help you make a decision on your flooring:

1. Think about moisture

Will your floor be laid in a room that gets wet, such as a bathroom? Something porous such as carpet would be bad idea if it’s likely to get wet on a regular basis; vinyl or tiling will be better suited to a high moisture environment.


2. Think about durability

Is your floor for an area of the house that experiences high footfall? Do you have children or pets? Wear resistance is an important consideration for areas such as the hallway of a home. Carpets and laminate are great for this sort of space as they can be durable yet stylish as well as easily cleaned where needed. A plush, light coloured carpet on the other hand would not be a good investment.


3. Think about maintenance

Some flooring requires maintenance such as regular resealing. This is an important consideration when it comes to flooring; if you’re not the sort of person who is likely to keep up with maintenance work, choose something that can be put down and forgotten about. Vinyl or laminate flooring are great, low maintenance flooring options that can still look very contemporary.


4. Think about colour and space

If you have a large, wide room with lots of windows a dark floor such as thick carpet or dark hardwood can work really well. If your room is small, narrow or doesn’t have much natural light, a dark floor will only make it seem more small and dark so best to choose a lighter colour.


If you’re currently deciding on flooring for your home, why not pop into our showroom in Hampshire to browse the wide range of materials, colours and styles available.